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Sharron & Cam's Wedding Day in the Gardens

Enjoy these beautiful photos of this stunning couple, Sharron & Cam, and their daughter, Frankie May, captured by talented, Graham Hunt. Celebrating their special day with their loved ones, in the Gardens at Carolina Home & Garden.

What makes a Wedding in the Garden's at Carolina Home & Garden so special?

The resources to "beautify" our Venue that we have access to are unbelievable! Having unlimited amounts of plants to use all around us makes decorating so fun and easy! Most venues have to be set up and taken down... not ours! We leave our tables, chairs, & decor set up all the time, for many reasons! One being, we are also a bar/entertainment venue open to the public, multiple times a week! We have live music all year round, and have a great selection of beer, wine & other specialty drinks! Our Tropical Event Greenhouse is set with farm tables & Chairs, perfect for dining. We have multiple ceremony sites to choose from, indoor & out. Brian and Stephanie Watson, Owners of Carolina Home & Garden, are very attention to detail. They want every part of the grounds to look spectacular! If you are wanting a perfect, low maintenance wedding... look no further!

Carolina Home & Garden is so diverse and unique, it is perfect for lots of different reasons! We hope you enjoyed seeing a little of the magic that happens during a Carolina Home & Garden and DreamMaker's Wedding day!

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