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Local Vendor Spotlight: Flip Flop Donuts

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

We at Carolina Home & Garden have a wonderful relationship with our local vendors in the community; they supply us with their products and our customers get to enjoy a wide array of goods made right here in North Carolina. Our vendors represent local folks in small businesses, folks that literally are our neighbors and small business owners, just like us. From our baked goods to our produce and meats prepared right here in our kitchen, we keep it local. We select peanuts, honey, wine, beer, and ice cream all made, grown, or produced in NC. In getting to know our vendors, it didn’t take long to realize each one has a unique story, a story we’d like to share with you.

Meet Denis Raczkowski, owner of Flip Flop Donuts in Emerald Isle. I walked into his cozy donut shop where the last of the morning’s customers were picking out donuts and chatting with his friendly employees and as I took in the happy scene, I immediately was drawn to a large showcase of 25 delicious looking donuts, bagels, and fritters. When I saw the Donut of the Day was Chocolate Bacon, I knew I had to try it! I then spent a wonderful afternoon getting to know Denis as told me how he came to be a small business owner selling donuts in our little coastal town. An engaging and amusing storyteller, Denis told of his Duke days where he studied, graduated, and taught Chemistry, and met his wife Marcia. He tried to retire here- really he did! - but soon realized what he really wanted, in his own words, was to “sell happiness” and proceeded to open Flip Flops Donuts. Every morning you’ll see customers lined up out the door and his parking lot full of folks waiting to order their special made-to-order donuts. On a busy summer morn, Flip Flops will sell 1500 donuts! There is more science involved in making donuts than you might imagine, and Denis explained it’s all in the timing, proofing, and a pinch of a secret ingredient; once baked to perfection, he puts the finishing touches, or ‘decorating’ as he describes it, on each donut. The result: delicious, beautiful donuts that are indeed a little special, like Disneyland!

Carolina Home & Garden is proud to offer Flip Flops donuts. Thank you Denis and the Flip Flops staff for being one of favorite local vendors!

By Margo Hickman

25 kinds of donuts and a featured Donut of the Day to boot!

Flip Flops Donuts sells happiness….just ask his happy customers!

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1 Comment

John Abraham
John Abraham
Dec 04, 2023

Get Ready to Line Up for Flip Flop Donuts! With over 1500 donuts sold on a busy summer morning, Denis Raczkowski's cozy donut shop in Emerald Isle is a must-visit for any donut lover. Best Air Duct Cleaning in Pompano Beach FL

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