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About Grace Adventure Park 

Grace Adventure Park was created by Jacob Watson, the son of owners, Brian and Stephanie Watson.  Jacob loved the idea of mixing treehouses, animals, crafting & building, and fun family experiences, all within one park! Grace Adventure Park is faith based. Jacob and his wife Maddie, along with their crew, all intend to spread the love and grace of Jesus. They are in the works of doing more to serve our community, and those in need! This is just the beginning of such a wonderful concept. We are blessed to have this amazing park right next door to Carolina Home & Garden. 

Purpose.  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  -Philippians 4:13


The treehouses located all throughout the park, were built by hand. Jacob and Adam Horst, along with some other young boys, used trees that they salvaged from hurricane Florence. They used a small sawmill to mill all the wood. This took months to do, but to see all the work and details, is quite an amazing experience. 


Within the park, children will be able to spend time with animals. The park has, a water buffalo named Levi. Also, a mini donkey named Simeon. There is a mini pig, Morty! Also, bunnies, a ferret, chickens, ducks, and more! 

Crafts & Projects 

There is always paint & paper out for children to enjoy and inspire! Jacob plans on opening his woodworking shop shortly. This will allow children to do hands on building and learn very important life skills! Stay tuned! 

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